News What is a Baby Registry and how can I use it?

A Baby Registry simply put is a place you can identify some or all of the items you would like to buy for your baby and have your family and friends who choose to buy you gifts come to the registry and pay for gifts that you have already chosen.

This way, when your friends and family want to buy you gifts, it is easier for them to pick something you need that is within their budget at the same time, you know that you would only be receiving gifts that you actually want.


How to use a Baby Registry on Simply Infants           

All you have to do is go to Baby Registry and Create a Baby Registry for yourself.

With the details you are given, you can send all your family and friends to your baby registry page to buy items and have them sent to you.

You will not receive more than one of the same item unless you indicate that you would like to receive more than one of the item.