News Everything You Need To Know About Diapering

New parents spend a lot of time changing their baby. Indeed, a well cared for newborn would use between 10 and 15 diapers a day. Diaper changing might seem complicated at first, But with a little practice, you'll find that keeping your baby clean and dry is easy.

 Getting Ready

Before you begin, you need to make sure that you have everything you need to make the change within arms reach: a diaper, fasteners (if you are using cloth diapers), a container of warm water and cotton balls (for babies with sensitive skin) or a clean washcloth or diaper wipes, diaper ointment or petroleum jelly (for preventing and treating diaper rashes), a changing pad or cloth for placing under your baby.

 Babies should never be left unattended, even for a second. Even new-borns can surprise parents with their ability to roll.


Using the wet washcloth, cotton balls, or baby wipes, gently wipe your baby clean from the front to the back (never wipe from back to front, especially on girls, or you could spread the bacteria that can cause urinary tract infection). 

You might want to lift your baby's legs by the ankles to get a better reach. Don't forget the creases in the thighs and buttocks.

For boys, keep a clean diaper over the penis during changing because exposure to air often causes boys to urinate — on you, the walls, or anything else within range.

Once you've finished wiping, pat your baby dry with a clean washcloth and apply diaper ointment. Make sure the diaper ointment is applied properly to reduce the chances of diaper rash. The ointment acts as a lubricant to ensure that when they pee or poo, it does not get to their skin.

We are done...Put their fresh diaper on...and give your little one a kiss for been most cases for been naughty during the entire diaper change process.