News Shopping for your baby for the first 3 months (Newborn) Part 1.

This blog post is inspired by all the help requests I have received from first time mothers-to-be who have been lost as to what is necessary from what is luxury while shopping for their newborns.

My intention is to guide you on shopping within the strictest of budgets.

This blog post will be in 8 categories: Diapering, Feeding, Nursery, Activity Gear, Bath, Car Seats, Clothing and Health and Safety. It will also be in 2 parts.


Here goes:


1. Diapers.

Your newborn will need somewhere between 10-15 diapers a day if she is breastfed. This is because almost after every feeding, they tend to do a little poopy and you wouldn’t want to leave that on their backside.  However, this number would go down drastically as the days go by.

I would recommend you buy 2 cartons of size 1 diapers and 2 cartons of size 2 diapers:


2. Diaper Bags.

Should you have to go out (which you will at least to the doctors) you will need a diaper bag to put your newborns items.  The diaper bags also come with a changing pad for you to place your newborn on while changing. This removes the necessity of buying a separate changing pad…we intend to stick to the bare necessities.

You can find diaper bags here:


3. Wipes and Creams

In changing your newborns diapers, you would need to wipe them clean and then apply a lubricant to prevent the pee or poopie from sticking to their body and causing a diaper rash (this is really painful for both baby and you watching your infant in so much pain). You can get creams and wipes here:



1. Bibs.

Newborns have the tendency to spit up or burp sometimes after every round of feeding. Not all do and it is not a problem either. To be on the safe side, we would recommend you budget at least 5 bibs a day and enough bibs for 3 days if you are a house wife or working mother with help and 8 days if you are a working mother without help. You can get your bibs here:


2. Bottle Feeding.

If your newborn is to be drinking formula as well as breast milk from a bottle, you would need to get bottles and nipples for the bottles. For the bottles, most newborns (especially girls) do not drink more than 40z. of milk in the first 3months However, to be on the economical side, you may want to get 8oz or 9oz bottles as opposed to anything smaller . You will also need to get nipples for the bottles. Make sure you get the newborn nipples (slow flow, newborn  or 0-3months) so the milk does not choke your newborn. We would recommend that you get 5-7 bottles and nipples and we also recommend that you wash them EVERYDAY. You can get your bottles and nipples here:


3. Cleaning and Sterilizing.

You would need to keep your newborns feeding utensils very clean at all times. There are 2 basic ways of doing this. You may choose to use the good old method of water and sterilizing tablets or may choose to go for the more modern method of either microwave sterilizers or the electrical steam sterilizer. You can buy your cleaning and sterilizing units here:


4.  Breast Pumps.

Breast pumps are only a necessity if you intend to be a working mother and at the same time have your child on breast milk while you are away. You can buy your breast pumps here:


5. Nursing Pads.

Nursing pads are for breast-feeding moms. They are used to prevent your clothes from getting wet from overflowing. This can be embarrassing in public when you have big wet circles around your nipple area. You can either choose to get a re-usable nursing pads or a disposable nursing pad. You can get your nursing pads here:


6. Breast Milk Storage.

As a mother who chooses to express milk for your newborn, you would need to get storage for the milk after expressing. You may choose to get either bottles or storage bags. You can get your storage here:


7. Cups.

Should you choose to give your newborn water in the first three months, you would need to buy cups. You can get cups here:


8. Formula.

You can get formula for your newborn here:




1. Receiving Blankets.

A receiving blanket would be used to wrap your newborn as when they get into the world. This is a requirement from the hospital. You can buy receiving blankets here:


2. Blankets and Sleep Sacks.

I would personally recommend the sleep sack over the blankets at night. The sleep sack ensures that while your newborn is sleeping and moving their arms and legs, they remain warm as they are firmly tucked in the sleep sack. You can get your blankets and sleep sacks here:


3. Cribs, Sleepers and Playpens.

Where your newborn would sleep at night is a decision that you must make with your spouse. My strong advice though is that should you decide to have the newborn sleeping in between yourselves, please purchase the by your side sleeper. You can get that here:

You can buy the Cribs, Sleepers and Play Pens here:   and



Activity Gear:


1. Soft Toys, Rattlers and Teethers.

Keep your newborn entertained by providing some form of toys that would fit into the mouth and can be cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis.

You can find your soft toys, rattlers and teethers here:


I hope you found this useful. I am looking forward to your comments and dont forget to encourage me by liking us on facebook!!!