News I feel like a COW!!!

Resuming work after 3months was what I dreaded most…considering that I had only spent a month at home with my baby (Yinka) since I was forced to take my maternity leave 2weeks before time when my Boss was so sure that I was about to have my baby in the office.
I spent 2 agonizing months at home just waiting for Yinka’s arrival and now after only 4weeks, I had to resume work last week.

The problem; I decided to keep Yinka on exclusive breast milk for 3months. So I went out there and got myself kitted up with a breast pump( and storage bags ( for the ritual. Once I get home at night I pump milk, drink fluids, rest and pump again…I do this until I leave for work in the morning…I am beginning to feel like a cow…Yinka was born at 3.78kg…need I say more?