News My Little Local Champion

My first reaction when I heard I was pregnant was to give thanks to GOD and say a quick prayer to have a healthy and pretty/handsome baby….



Then the window-shopping began!!! I NEEDED my baby to be very “tush”… I started browsing all sorts of stores looking at all sorts of outfits and what have you….(smile)


So we had a girl and of course I would always dress her up as a doll…and thanks be to GOD she is healthy and  pretty…lol


The major problem is at 10months, she did not like Mixed Fruits Cereal….She prefered Ogi and the only meal we could get her to eat happily…amala and ewedu!!!


Tush cor…Tush ni….I am just happy to look into her eyes and see her smile at me…we could work on the Tush later.