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Do I have it All?

Congratulations – you're having a baby! Your belly may not be visibly rounder yet, but as time ticks, you get closer to the arrival of your bundle of joy. You already have in mind what you want your nursery too look like, especially for first time mother.  Shopping for your baby can be rather overwhelming - there is so much attractive baby equipment to choose from that making a decision on the items that would be most suitable for you and your lifestyle can be difficult.

Do you have every necessary thing yet? Here’s a rundown to help you with your shopping list.

Newborn clothes

You'll probably find it impossible to resist buying those adorable little booties, wee knit caps, and pint-size stretch suits you see in the baby department. Your little one will look adorable in all of them.

Crib and mattress

Most mum wants to have their lives back as soon as possible…a crib is the first answer to this, unless you plan to have your baby share your bed.

Baby bedding

You'll want a few changes of sheets for your baby's crib and bassinet, if you're using these. A few warm blankets, thinner "receiving" blankets, and special swaddling blankets can also come in handy.

Nursery accessories

Decorating your baby's room can be a lot of fun. Start small – add a colorful touch to the nursery with pretty wall stencils, a nice switch plate, or a colorful mobile. A soft, friendly stuffed animal can keep watch over your little one from a shelf or a dresser.

Feeding supplies

Things you may need: bibs for spit-up; a nursing pillow to help you support your baby during feedings; nipple cream to soothe sore nipples; nursing bras and nursing pads; a breast pump, bottles, nipples.

Diaper supplies

Stock up now on diapers, either cloth or disposable – you'll be going through ten to 12 diapers a day during the first few weeks. You'll also need diaper wipes and diaper cream or petroleum jelly for preventing diaper rash, and a diaper bag to carry supplies when you're on the go.

For stashing dirty diapers, some parents like having a special diaper disposal system, while others use a regular garbage can.

Baby bathtub

A tub specially designed to hold your wriggling baby is a great way to get him clean after all those diaper changes.

Car seat

Imagine your husband was away on an official trip when the baby arrived, no one to come for you in the hospital…your baby will certainly safe in his or her car seat. It is a necessity and not luxury.

Just a bonus: Hospital Checklist for mum

  1. Hospital bag
  2. Nightwear
  3. Slippers
  4. Maternity pads
  5. Maternity bras
  6. Breast pads
  7. Underwear
  8. Toiletries
  9. Toothbrush & toothpaste
  10. Towel & face cloth
  11. Support pillow for breastfeeding
  12. Ipod/Music & charger, books/magazines
  13. Comfortable clothes and shoe for going home
  14. Blood group card
  15. Medicare or health insurance card

But please don't panic; this can all be purchased over time in the lead up to the big day.