News When will I start sleeping again? From Phoebe Kayode

As a first time mother, the first month for me was really stressful and exhausting.

I remember the first night at home after leaving the hospital when the baby was crying; I had done so much domestic chores all day and was really tired, I needed good sleep period. I abandoned her with her Dad until my husband  woke me up to breastfeed...I told him to cuddle her back to sleep because I was really tired but after so much crying from my baby, I guess the motherly bond I have for my baby came to play, and I breastfed her and put her back to bed.

I would say why I behaved like that was because I wasn’t used to keeping vigils, but as the time passed by, I decided to prepare a chart or routine that would be of benefit to my baby and I.

Once she has her bath, and had been breastfed, she sleeps off for quite some time (about an hour or two) I actually do some chores and make sure I sleep when she is sleeping, so that by the time she is awake, two of us would have rested.

Then I would continue with the rest chores I have to do. That changed after some months when she started sleeping more during the nights than day.

That was how my sleepless night ended.