News Breastfeeding Made Easy!

Breastfeeding Made Easy!

When I heard my baby’s voice for the very first time in the labour ward, I felt a joy from within that cannot be explained. To me, another job description has been defined – “Milk Supplier”; duration - at least one year *wink**. I heard its fun and likewise painful, now, my personal experience will tell. Hmmm…how would I cope, would I survive it, would my baby be satisfied? These and many more are the questions running through my head.

Breastfeeding may be natural, but for many new mums it sure doesn't come naturally. Your baby may easily latch on and start nursing away, but if not, it doesn't mean breastfeeding is a no-go. It might just mean you need a little help.

These nursing accessories can help;

  1. It hurts to nurse

They say breastfeeding shouldn't hurt, but a lot of mums in the nursing trenches will tell you it can, at least at first. Make sure your baby has a proper latch by checking that he sucks the areola… and not just the nipple…and that both top and bottom lips are turned out. Any of these nipples can help to give you some relief and create a stronger latch, providing a barrier between you and your babe's mouth.

  1. Your nipples are sore

Your baby is always on your breast and this is the only way to show for it - cracked nipples. Applying any of these creams will help you heal faster, and since there are no preservatives or additives in it, you don't have to wash it off before putting your baby back on the breast.

  1.  Your back hurts

It's easy to hunch over when you nurse. Considering you're doing it every two hours (or more), it can really do a number on your back. It will props baby up to your level, so you don't have to bend at all. For lower back aches, you can also try putting a stack of books or a low stool under your feet to help you sit tall.

  1. You need some sleep

Sleep deprivation can be torture, making it really hard to cope with all the changes in your life. Pumps aren't just for working mum, they're also for new moms about to lose their sanity. Extract some milk during the day and let Daddy have a turn with a bottle at least that will save!

  1. You're shy about nursing in public

Some women are proud to feed around others without a second thought, good for them. If that just doesn't feel like you, get a little privacy with a nursing cover, which cocoons baby while he eats.

  1. Your breasts are leaking

And now, your “cup runs over”, sometimes way over. Avoid an embarrassing wet spot on your shirt by using nursing pads in your bra to absorb any leakage. These cloth ones can be thrown in the wash and used over and over; there are also disposable nursing pads.         

With all these accessories at hand, you will be super ready to give your baby the best meal ever…easily.