Dear Santa,

Preparing for your arrival is an interesting act I always love to do year in and out. Decorating the house with beautify Christmas  trees (different colours) and accessories…having loads of time to go for shopping…meeting with friends and love ones and sometimes go on vacation - spending the holiday in different parts of the world…most of the time, alone (enjoying myself to the “fullest”). No wonder Christmas to me is synonymous to fun.

This year I started my usual preparation since October so as to ensure that everything I always love to do during Christmas season is sorted out; got the trees and other thing, do a bit of shopping as much as my energy allowed me and cash also this time was been diverted to shop for other thing…it’s my baby’s arrival as well.

My baby’s arrival happened earlier than I expected (27th of November) and I had to stay longer in the hospital – first time experience. When I got home, the only thing on my mind was the christening of my princess.

Protruding belly hindered me from decorating the house and doing other things, and now Charisa demands too much attention (24 hours) that I can’t even leave her to do other things most of the time.

This year Christmas is going to be different for me – no decoration, no special shopping, no travelling...I hope you wouldn’t mind…I was actually, but now I thank God I’m blessed with a special gift to celebrate the season with – My Charisa.

Yours sincerely,

Charisa’s Mum.