I thought it was going to be like this forever with my baby...she gazing up into my eyes and me down at hers...not until I got to the stage every parent dreads especially as a single mum. Mayokun has been so healthy ever since she was born; we only visited the clinic during immunization days and I was thankful to God for that (having a normal baby is not normal at all…) She started ‘showing’ me when she was about five months old…stooling, fever, and different kinds of ‘stunts’. I thought the world was going to end. I was taking permission from work regularly; my boss was very understanding though. I was so devastated…When I noticed her lower gum bring out tooth and later teeth, I became relaxed. This is just a phase that every child must go through, not with the same experience many a times but with the same result… tiny winy teeth. So next time you see a baby smiling at you please appreciate that smile; that smile is not priceless at all…it’s been duly paid for (by the baby and of course the parents as well).